Bell Xmas

Bell Xmas

A virtual bell is all you need when you want your group's attention, and this time with a little help for the festive season: Santa is here to cheer you too. You might be the host for a lovely Christmas meal or just with friends feeling a little cheeky, as long as your phone is loud enough, you can just wave it around (tap the bell) and indicate that dinner is ready.

It's very simple to use the Bell. Just hold your phone securely and wave it side to side as if you are ringing a real bell. The Bell detects the movement in your phone and makes the ringing sound. We have a few other features too, like a little fun game, today extension as well as a few stickers to go with your messages.

Tap to ring or ho-ho-ho!

You can also tap on the Bell to make it ring too. This feature has the benefit of using the app if you, for example, wish to put the phone on the table and ring without moving it. also you can hear our Santa laughing a little if you tickle him. Enjoy our specially created sound just for this app.

Cristmas day countdown

Now you can count the days until Christmas day down to the seconds. You also get a today extension to have quick access to Christmas day countdown.

The simple game

If you want to pass time or have a quick fun try to catch some reindeers to up those points. Also the faster you tickle Santa or ring the bell the more points earned.


When you tap the menu sign on the top left-hand corner, you can see two options: 'Sound' and 'Snow'. You can turn these self-descriptive options by toggling the switch right next to them.


Your privacy is very important for us. We do not transmit any information to anywhere in our app. The only way we might get infromation from you is if you send us a feed back email. In that case, We will only use your information to respond to you. We will never share your information. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

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